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First, according to the jury this was not gun violence. Second, Zimmerman should be banned permanently from any Neighborhood Watch and held up as a poster child in perpetuity of what not to do when you become a member. Third, have his picture shown in the dictionary under stupid.

Sorry to say I have no feelings either way on the verdict, but I do know this one thing as Curly says (raises finger), if Zimmerman did what watch members are suppose to do and what the police told him to do, Martin would not have died that night by gunshot from Zimmerman’s handgun.

So maybe the “spread everyone’s wealth except mine” progressive leader misspoke and is possibly thinking of banning stupidity, not an inanimate object. Oh I see Uncle Joe is smiling and laughing again. He must have just watched what Jack Rinaldi in Los Angeles was eating for breakfast again on the NSA monitors.

Hillary Lied Why American Patriots Died and Congress Fiddles Away While the Constitution Burns!