As I said before, since when is Hispanic a white? Every survey I take, and I take at least one a day, asks if I am Caucasian, Black, Samoan, Asian, Refuse to answer, etc…The next question is if I’m Hispanic. Apparently, Hispanics think it’s cool to be called white. All this aside, why did everyone make this out to be about race?

As I see it from where I sit Martin would not have lost his life that night by Zimmerman’s gun if Zimmerman followed the rules of the Neighborhood Watch (NW) as the police liaison told him at the organizational meeting. Now if the police did not present the program, they certainly have some culpability in all this.

Rules are pretty straight forward: Eyes and ears only for the police. Not a vigilante group. Observe, Record, and Report. No Intervention. No Weapons. If you feel threatened, leave the area immediately. He was told not to get out of the vehicle, to let the police handle this. Zimmerman is the new poster child for what not to do in the NW program. He should also have his picture added to all dictionaries by the copy editors under the word “Stupid.”

Now what happened after Zimmerman got out of his vehicle and pursued Martin is what the jury decided and as the prosecution said, only God and Zimmerman knows the real truth.

The chief lawbreaker, the president, also reaffirmed to the American people that we are a nation of laws. If anything good comes out of this tragedy it’s that the president actually knows the difference of obeying and not obeying the law. We just need to tell him, very loudly, that he only enforces the laws, not pick and choose which one’s he will ignore today, like immigration. Haven’t heard what the 2nd chief lawbreaker Holder has to say on this. Oh wait! He will expose Zimmerman to “Double Jeopardy.” I’ll take Zimmerman for $1,000 Alex.

There are people out there that say Zimmerman has his 2nd amendment rights to carry. Others say the 911 operator was not a police person. Really? Again? Last time I checked the 911 operator represents the police and believe it or not told Zimmerman what any good police person would have told him. Reminds me of what a state trooper once told me about highway justice. Never ever get involved in another’s road rage. Get out of their way, let the idiot go down the road and we will handle it. Good advice. Same advice given to Zimmerman that he freely chose to ignore.

Yesterday’s evening news showed his lawyer being asked if Zimmerman should ask for his gun back and his response was, no, it killed someone. Really? Seems he is siding with the President’s and Holder’s agenda of gun control. Look! A gun is an inanimate object. It doesn’t load itself, it doesn’t bring itself to the scene, it doesn’t pull the trigger itself. It takes a person to do all this. In this case, a very stupid person.

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