The Real Truth About the Costs to Grant Amnesty for Illegal Aliens who after all didn’t obey our laws…

“ICE Air Flight 744 Will Now Be Boarding at Gate F…”

by  July 9, 2013 reprinted with permission


Ice Air Flight 744

On Monday, “America’s Mayor” Rudy Guiliani subbed for Sean Hannity on his radio show.  It seemed one of his objectives was to use his “cred” with Republican voters to put his stamp of approval on the Gang of Eight’s Amnesty Bill.  One of the major points he stressed was that “something has to be done” because we can’t possibly send all these people back from whence they came – right??

Every time I hear one of our brilliant Republican leaders repeat this Leftist mantra I kinda resemble the Queen of Hearts running around screaming, “Off with their heads!” (Well, that’s what my husband says…)  Supporting poor policy and acting as if it’s a fact and that it’s the only option they have and that ”most of America” wants it anyway is a gifting only bestowed upon politicians.  The truth is, “most of America” has common sense and can smell the fertilizer being spread around the Capitol.

Is it really true we can’t afford to send every illegal alien back home?  I say, “No, Nyet, Nein! We actually can’t afford to keep them here.”  According to the much-maligned research by Robert Rector and Jason Richwine at The Heritage Foundation, the cost to taxpayers will be unlike anything we have ever seen if this onerous Bill (or anything like it) passes a House vote and ends up as law…

Unlawful immigration and amnesty for current unlawful immigrants can pose large fiscal costs for U.S. taxpayers. Government provides four types of benefits and services that are relevant to this issue:

  • Direct benefits. These include Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation.
  • Means-tested welfare benefits. There are over 80 of these programs which, at a cost of nearly $900 billion per year, provide cash, food, housing, medical, and other services to roughly 100 million low-income Americans. Major programs include Medicaid, food stamps, the refundable Earned Income Tax Credit, public housing, Supplemental Security Income, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.
  • Public education. At a cost of $12,300 per pupil per year, these services are largely free or heavily subsidized for low-income parents.
  • Population-based services. Police, fire, highways, parks, and similar services, as the National Academy of Sciences determined in its study of the fiscal costs of immigration, generally have to expand as new immigrants enter a community; someone has to bear the cost of that expansion.

The cost of these governmental services is far larger than many people imagine. For example, in 2010, the average U.S. household received $31,584 in government benefits and services in these four categories.  The governmental system is highly redistributive. Well-educated households tend to be net tax contributors […]

Other households are net tax consumers: The benefits they receive exceed the taxes they pay. These households generate a “fiscal deficit” that must be financed by taxes from other households or by government borrowing. For example, in 2010, in the U.S. population as a whole, households headed by persons without a high school degree, on average, received $46,582 in government benefits while paying only $11,469 in taxes. This generated an average fiscal deficit (benefits received minus taxes paid) of $35,113.

The high deficits of poorly educated households are important in the amnesty debate because the typical unlawful immigrant has only a 10th-grade education. Half of unlawful immigrant households are headed by an individual with less than a high school degree, and another 25 percent of household heads have only a high school degree.

Add to those numbers the cost to send all these kids to college.  We all know the next argument coming from the Left is that too many Graduates can’t afford to pay back their loans, so College should become part of the public education budget – and it just wouldn’t be fair to not give the precious gift of a College Degree to every kid.  Add to those numbers the cost of (at least) 11 million people added to the still-unknown cost of ObamaCare.  Add to THOSE numbers the cost of the rise in Food Stamp Cards as unemployment rises – especially among Black Americans.

Breitbart gives us a reasonable low estimate of what we are looking forward to:

Green card holders are currently eligible for Medicaid, TANF, Supplemental Security Income, child care assistance, food stamps, and a variety of other welfare benefits and public aid programs. The Budget Committee Republican staff estimates that costs could be upwards of $40 billion in 2022 alone,  just for Medicaid and Obamacare. The long-term unfunded liability for Obamacare would grow another $2 trillion. (emph. added for morons)

“But,” you ask, “Wouldn’t it cost us more to send that many people back to their own countries – where they ARE legal (and millions of American dollars are going)?”  Well, let’s take a look at our not-so-long-ago Immigration Policy…

Only 5 years ago, ICE regularly air-mailed illegals back home at an average cost of $620 per illegal person.  We even went the distance to make their trip a comfortable one…

The air service, called Repatriate by air-traffic controllers, is known simply as ICE Air to agency employees. Its planes have headrests emblazoned with ICE’s name and seal. In-flight service is polite.

“For a lot of these immigrants, it has been a long journey to the U.S.,” said Michael J. Pitts, chief of flight operations for deportations and removals at ICE. “This is going to be the last impression they have of the United States. We want to provide good service.”

Most of the planes used for the flights even had leather seats with plenty of leg room!  Although, according to some, the boxed lunches left something to be desired.

The basic travel policy was this:

Mr. Pitts, a former military pilot, said ICE Air operates much like a commercial carrier, flying passengers to hub cities where they connect to international flights. But those hub cities — such as Mesa, Ariz., and Alexandria, La., which are close to illegal-immigrant detention sites — are relatively obscure. And the final destinations are primarily in Latin America, including up to three flights daily to Guatemala City and two to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Mr. Pitts also recently launched service to the Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia.

From Kansas City, Mr. Pitts’ team coordinates with 24 ICE field offices and monitors all flights. On a recent morning, staffers tracked seven ICE Air flights to Central America on an electronic wall map. Three schedulers worked the phones and emailed frantically to place immigrants on future flights.

In all, the U.S. government deports people to more than 190 countries. Outside of Mexico, ICE flew home 76,102 illegal immigrants in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, up from 72,187 last year and 50,222 two years ago.
So, if it worked 5 short years ago, why not now??  Even if we increased the cost of the flights to $1,000 per illegal person and we started liftoff for 6 MILLION of them, it would cost a mere $6 Billion…far less than we will need to borrow for the above mentioned costs of giving them all amnesty.
You may now be wondering how “America’s Mayor” and Sen. Rubio could be unaware of this…trust me, they know we could easily continue the Bush-era policy.  Guiliani’s own home city has a similar policy for homeless people...
The Bloomberg administration, which has struggled with a seemingly intractable problem of homelessness for years, has paid for more than 550 families to leave the city since 2007, as a way of keeping them out of the expensive shelter system, which costs $36,000 a year per family.

The city, which spends $500,000 a year on the program, employs a local travel agency to book one-way tickets for domestic trips. Department of Homeless Services employees do all the planning for international travel.

City officials said there were no limits on where a family can be sent, and families can reject the offer and stay in city shelters. So far, families have been sent to 24 states and 5 continents, most often to Puerto Rico, Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.

I believe the reason many of our illustrious leaders in the GOP (well, not mine anymore, as I have just changed my registration to the Constitution Party) have “gone all Amnesty” on us is because they have a stronger desire to be liked than to do what is right.  It’s as simple as that.  It’s much easier to stay in the lifeboat with a few people and keep your distance than it is to risk tipping over and sinking into the icy water while rescuing those who are drowning with minutes to survive.

Hey, Gang of Eight…Hey, Guiliani…the law-abiding taxpayers are drowning.   It’s time to do the right thing…we need the lifeboats.