“We the people” efforts didn’t come up short in our demand to rid ourselves from Obamacare. We were flat sold out by the Repukeagain leadership. Heading the list is Neville McCain, Neville Graham and “Turtle Man” McConnell who sold the American People out for his close to $3 Billion dollar dam project in Kentucky. They are all worthless and I have more respect for my dog than for the likes of them. McCain, an honored POW, is nothing more now than a low-life thug and is now on the same level as Hanoi Jane. A piece of dog excrement.

There is no shame with this sellout either. They just stand there in front of the media cameras rationalizing it all in their sick little minds. They have forgotten what America is all about. What the rest of the world has also forgot, but what 40 plus million illegal aliens in this country haven’t. No! That’s not a typo, or wrong number. Does anyone believe anything this government says anymore? Whenever someone from the government opens their mouths, lies flow forth.

Everyone puts America down, even our own back stabbing Repukeagain leadership and the Demoncrats. Why not? We have De Fuhrer in the People’s House saying both he and his spouse are not proud when they see Old Glory flying. Really? Than get out!

The day of retribution is coming and when it does and the people “Have the Hammer” “Use it” (as my father always told me), let’s make it crystal clear that everyone on the list will be feeling the “Hammer.” So you can go back to your snide little glib remarks Neville McCain. Your namesake left an historical trail for you to follow and like him, may your end come as swift as his did and my belief in there is a God will take care of the rest. For you see you Unpatriotic pathetic clowns, Hammer Time is coming…

Senate Vote:  https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/113-2013/s219

House Vote:   https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/113-2013/h550

HR 2775:       https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/hr2775

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