It’s time to put the racist card and It’s Bush’s fault planned response to rest.  It isn’t working anymore.  Intimidation never does.  Ask yourself, were you involved in any way in slavery, or racial discrimination?  Chances are you’re not, and neither was anyone in your family lineage, but if you disagree with ‘Their’ point of view, you are freely branded as a racist by ‘them.’
Is saying ‘Their’, or ‘them’ racists?  Don’t think so, but in their Kool-Aid soaked small minds it is.  You can no more change a person’s views than you can revive a person dead for 20 years.  But you don’t need to just stand there and quietly accept their slanderous accusations either.  Their accusations are immediate and lasting, but so is the fact that persons who vehemently accuse someone of something are guilty themselves of whatever they are accusing.  How many times have you seen this play out?  Politicians are famous for saying one thing to get elected, but once in office do the complete opposite.  Hmmm???  Is that racist?
Small minds from a small minority 13.1%.  They will forever be racial problems in this country until the day when everyone who sees racism stand up and collectively stop it.  But for these Obama brown shirts, the quick and easy route is to blame someone else for their lot in life when as usual; the blame is at ‘Their’ own feet.
Hillary Lied Why American Patriots Died and Progressives in Congress and the Administration Want to Burn the Constitution!