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Does this mean Obama is denying himself the privilege of staying here also? If he didn’t stick his nose in Ukraine’s business to start off with, there wouldn’t be a crisis. He starts it and then blames somebody else for his mistakes when things go south. Sound familiar? Putin in the meantime isn’t playing around with a “community organizer.” There is no saber rattling going on, he’s ready to give Obama a black eye.

Now the two parties’ line is we are Americans and Obama is still our president and that Putin is an embarrassment and totally in the wrong on the Ukraine crisis.

No! He’s no longer my president ever since he went off the reservation acting like a king that we fought against 237 years ago. Why should we back him? Cripes! He caused this whole crisis to start with. He instigates the crisis and then when it all went south he blames someone else. How many other national and international crises have there been that started because Obama’s meddling programs went south? Just think back from September 2012 to the present. Are we that blind?

Better open up your eyes and see what is really happening here in our own country before it is too late. Do you honestly think for one moment that these elitists in D.C. care about any of us? They are only in it for themselves. We keep re-electing them, or ones like them. If we broke the law like these politicians do we would still be sitting in jail. What makes these clowns so special?

No! Obama is the embarrassment here.