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What the US should really worry about is when Russia has a billboard showing the entire US with a Swastika.  Heck, we’re half way there the way the authoritative progressives are stripping our rights and freedoms away!  What difference is there really between the US progressives and Putin’s Russia?  None!  That’s the troubling stark reality.

We need to start questioning our political candidates about how much do they trust us?  Do they think they can trust us with our rights, our property?  Are they going to allow us to be in charge of our own lives, or are they going to continue meddling?

Sure, there are all these great things they’re going to do for us, but are they going to leave us alone?  Will we be able to conduct our lives unmolested by our own government?

This is the fundamental challenge that we face.  The issue is who trusts whom and why?  This is the great challenge of our day.  We just want to go back to the way it was, but we can’t.  We’re not going to be able to when we keep electing politicians that keep meddling in our lives.

On the other side of the coin, does anyone think that this is just a contrived crisis to once again take away from the scandals that are facing the imperial progressive currently in the White House?  Is this why Obama says it’s not an invasion, but just a uncontested arrival?

If that is truly the case, then what is the real issue at play here?  If Crimea and the Eastern part of Ukraine want to re-join Russia, do we really care?  Isn’t that just real democracy in action?