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Fools like Obama, “The Liar of Benghazi” Hillary, McCain, Pelosi, “Turtle Man” McConnell, Reid, Graham, Boehner, etc.  Are we any different than Putin?  How many American Patriots has Putin killed?  The above fools have killed plenty themselves and “The Liar of Benghazi” Hillary still has blood stained hands and blood dripping jowls.

Also, where is the difference between a Crimea freely choosing which country to belong to and Scotland?  Why is it that Scotland’s case is acceptable to Obama and the rest of the West, but not Crimea?  Isn’t that what freedom really is all about?  To freely choose what you want and not what is imposed on you like the uprising in Kiev which was backed by the CIA?

People are fools who believe everything the news media slops in their trough.  Maybe stop drinking the Kool-Aid and finally open your eyes to what is actually going on around you.  Maybe it’s time to start decentralizing our factories, farms, especially our government and go back to regional self sufficiency and control.  Let’s face it, there is no “Us” in their equation.  It’s the progressive way or the highway.  We have to be united before we stand strong again.  The progressives and religious right are just further dividing us.

It’s kind of pathetic when our elected officials no longer read and understand a bill before they vote on it, or like Obamacare, pass it to find out what’s going to be in it.  Sounds like that was pushed through by a stoned out of touch with reality Pelosi.  Take the Patriot Act, please, take it!.  Its amazing how the original intent of the bill was for fighting terrorism which most agreed with, but was quickly and quietly changed to suppress “We the people” and our very own representatives were threatened with imprisonment if they spoke out about it.  That isn’t freedom.  That is what Russia and worse yet Nazi Germany used to be.

Mark Twain said, “…History does not repeat itself but it rhymes…”  Yes, similar events that brought the start of WWII are here again.  The question is who is in the right this time around?