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Great speech for another future Nancy Pelosi. Goes to show what the vacuum leaves when we get rid of the Progressives…The Religious Right, and no, they aren’t the Tea Party either.

A couple things this child did not say, nor would I expect a child to even know, is denying a woman’s right to freely choose what happens to her body. Not mine, nor anyone else’s. Just the woman. It is for all intents and purposes the age old question: What came first, the chicken or the egg? It is a God given right for any person to freely choose what they will do and for anyone to deny that right is to deny God. While society changes laws to further evolve, it cannot change by denial of the basic freedom a person exercises daily. Hitler tried it and failed, so did the Progressives in 1910 through 1940, the current group of Progressives are failing, as will the Religious Right if and when the vacuum leaves them as the interim controlling political philosophy of the day.

The other thing this young child also is not aware of is the social cost in tax dollars the government will spend for every prevented aborted child in support until they are 18 and beyond. That never comes into play as it’s the government’s money, but they keep draining my wallet with more taxes to come up with this money. Where is the line for all these bleeding hearts who want to deny a woman’s right to freely choose? Where are all these people freely giving 50% of their take home paycheck to support these unwanted children until they graduate from college? They sure are there lining up forcing their opinions and beliefs onto others and taking more money out of my wallet to pay for their opinions and beliefs. They are nowhere to be found though, when the rubber hits the road to raise these children.  I have a personal message for them too:  Stay the hell out of my wallet!

It’s amazing that these Religious Right people are out there crying their God given rights are being violated because they cannot erect a nativity scene on public property, cannot say prayer in schools, or any public event anymore, yet they are the first in line to deny the basic human right given to man from God.  To freely choose, right or wrong.  We have a word for people like that where I grew up. Hypocrites.

It is never the failure of how a person is raised, or how religion has failed the person.  It is always about that their opinions and beliefs come first and those who don’t agree with them are wrong and will be damned.  How many free choices do they make every day that go against the Ten Commandments?  Jesus said it best, Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.  They always seem to forget that one.  How convenient.

Yes, a great speech by a child who doesn’t know enough yet, but can parrot very well. It does sound like she is being raised in a good environment, and still has that innocent fear of disobeying the laws of the church and her parents. For those who never knew the answer to that age old question…The chicken came first else the DNA of the egg wouldn’t exist. But I wouldn’t expect children to understand that…