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It was as I said then and still do a “Keystone Cop” style chase where the left hand didn’t know what the right was doing and totally ridiculous for the amount of money, over $3 Trillion to date, we spent to stop events like this before they happen.

Same thing happened in Washington, D.C. with the supposedly mentally ill woman with her baby in the back seat.  Simply put, overkill that yields no results except to make law enforcement look like total boobs. 2 law enforcement officers would have been enough and not led to a high speed chase that ended in a hail of bullets.

Same applies to the missing airliner MH370.  The NSA, a foreign spy agency working illegally with the homeland borders under unconstitutional laws, can turn on our cameras and microphones remotely to spy on us, but cannot do the same to the 270 plus on the airliner to find the location of the plane.  They either are too busy spying on us to know, or they know exactly what happened and know exactly where the plane is.  Let’s just hope they find it before it transports a nuclear device and detonate it over New York City or Washington, D.C. this 9-11 which may lead to martial law and permanent suspension of the constitution and the death knell of an America that we love and knew.