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I responded recently to someone who made the following comment about Obamacare:  Most plans cancelled were rip offs-you know that.  Are you going to listen to Kevin Lynn?

My Response:

But I was told if I liked my rip off plan I could keep it.  Now I have to have a plan that covers pregnancy, pap smears, and mammograms for a 61 year old male.

Now that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever except if it is nothing but a new tax which the Supreme Court already said it was and the very reason why premiums have skyrocketed over what we were paying.  That is unless you were on welfare, than it stayed the same – free.  What other justification is there to cancel your plan just to provide additional coverage that both you and the insurers know will never be needed or used?

obama is fond of saying that those who don’t like Obamacare haven’t come up with an alternative.  That’s because none was needed. We already had welfare for those who couldn’t afford health care. It would have been a lot cheaper to just increase federal government payment levels for healthcare, or go out and buy group coverage for the welfare crowd than this Obamination.

Increasing the payment levels would have been the more cost effective approach.  To pay for it you would have had to increase taxes.  That’s what Obamacare is really all about.  A smoke and mirrors approach, or sleights of hands move to increase the tax base to pay for the increased costs.  As usual, he is just lying through his teeth which are his and uncle Joe’s M.O. and smile or laugh while they lie to your face.  Both need to be impeached by the House and force the Senate and the Chief Justice to go through the public process.  But that’s another subject.