If she is that mentally upset over the names of the brothers then she has not moved on and never will until she forgives and leaves it behind to move forward. What does she think she has been doing since she was one of those hurt or killed by the brothers? She’s been using her involvement as a ‘victim’ to gain popularity and venues where she probably would never have had the opportunity. Currently, she is her own worse enemy.

Now saying that, the news media is no more than the Jerry Springer show, made up fairy tales to get their political bosses’ agendas across. If the agreement was such and then they reneged, then woe on them and a pox on their house for once again they are in the business of making the news rather than reporting it.

And one final point…Who actually watches these boring, need something to fill up some empty time since we had to drop the religious service hour…

Someone asked: Why do you put victim in quotes? She is a victim. You wouldn’t understand because you didn’t have your leg blown off, but then again you don’t come across as the sympathetic type.

My response: You will never understand cause you’re just another bleeding heart…Boo…Hoo…Hoo. You judge people by their actions, not what happened to them. Where are all the other countless ‘victims’ of horrible acts done to them the last 13 years? Where are all our men and women who have had worse to overcome and are still fighting their demons?  [Meant as reference to our military.]

You can find Sympathy between two words in the dictionary. If you don’t know those two words, ask around. There are people that know. [Words are Shit and Syphilis] Feel good stories are nice like having her on DWTS but is something that would never have happened if she wasn’t a ‘victim’. So that is the real reason why you have the temerity to see and say that I am not the sympathetic type, but are blind and mute to what the issue in all this really is. If she is that upset to set parameters for what a public talk show can ask for questions, then I submit she should have opted out of appearing at all.

Someone else commented: The reason, I believe, is to not give the terrorists recognition by name, similar to many radio talk show hosts who will also not identify terrorists by name – to not give THEM any additional fame or glory for their horrible acts.

My response was: Understand the reason, but do not understand the action…Sort of selfish. We spent over $3 Trillion to have the NSA to not find these two terrorists, it cost nothing for Russia to warn us, and then watched the ‘Keystone Cops’ hunt them down.