“…In his new book, retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens calls for no fewer than six changes to the Constitution, two of which are directly related to guns. Others would abolish the death penalty, make it easier to limit spending on elections and rein in partisan drawing of electoral districts…”

Maybe we need a constitutional amendment to take old goats like retired Justice John Paul Stevens off the taxpayer’s teat.  The only reason why there is a Constitution and a Bill of Rights is because our founding fathers wanted the Unalienable Rights from God written down for all to read.  The fact is, none needed to be written down as people should always be free to choose how to live one’s life without interference from any government or others like religious zealots.

My Proposed Constitutional Amendments:

1. Eliminate all federal retirements and other benefits including claw backs of all previously paid benefits for still living recipients, or their families.
2. All federal salaries 20% less than the national average.
3. No staff, including a secretary (with new communication technology secretaries are no longer needed in the private industry and hence no longer needed in government.)
4. 2 term limits.
5. Ban all other forms of income while in office including books like the newest senator, Elizabeth Warner. Now she will become a millionaire.  All one has to do is just follow the money, who is buying the books?  That is who has her in their back pocket.
6. Any stocks, bonds, businesses are to be put into a federal National Blind trust and all profits realized to be taxed at 100%.
7. Include Supreme Court judges and the Chief Justice as national elected positions every 5 years.
8. Eliminate Executive powers of the president.  No more exemptions no one every sees, no more changing laws they don’t like.  Enforce the laws or face automatic impeachment.
9. The federal workforce never to exceed 1% of the total population except in time of wars and the military is not included.  Again, no secretaries are needed.
10. All federal employees’ salaries to follow the 20% less than the national average salary rule.
11. Death penalty is the punishment for accepting bribes.
12. English language will be the national language. No other languages are permitted including signage.
13. All illegal aliens from this planet or any other planet to be immediately deported, no exceptions.