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“…There was a time when the government and the governed understood that both the common law posited by judges and the statutory law posited by legislators had to find its legitimacy in the natural law posited by their common Creator. Today, however, when, as George Will recently noted, democratic process rather than moral content has become the measure of a law’s legitimacy, the only rights Progressives like Justice Stevens offer are those that have run the gauntlet of democracy–which, in practice, means those which have the approval of the governing class…” ~ David Corbin and Matt Parks – The Federalist Today ‘How Not To Fix The Second Amendment’

This is what happens where any single political philosophy hijacks control of a major political party, Progressives in the Democratic Party and the Religious Right in the Republican Party. It also follows that all liberals are not progressives as all Republicans are not conservative nor Religious Right. Nor are all Tea Partiers Religious Right. Progressives exist in all political parties. Former mayor Bloomberg and his Nanny policies are a prime example. Mayor de Blasio, Gov. Christie, McCain, McConnell, etc. also are. In fact anyone who uses the largeness of the government to reshape attitudes of the citizenry and have it do their bidding over them.

Gun rights as any other right is not granted by any Constitution or Bill of Rights. They are just pieces of paper with ink. All people have the same rights to freely choose how they live their life, right or wrong. That is the one disagreement I have with the Religious Right. They are tolerant of all viewpoints, except those they disagree with and unless it follows inline with their Religious upbringing it is wrong for everyone. I am not ready to return to a Puritan based country.
We have lost our moral compass and individual rights to freely choose how to live our lives. The Georgia gun law is a first step taking back our rights.