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Well let’s sort this mess out…First it was about an intrusive government forcibly enforcing its self made rules onto its citizens when it doesn’t have that authority. Second, while what Clive said can be offensive to some, since when is what anyone says what they believe in negate what they are presently doing?

This is nothing more than political correctness run amuck driven by daily senseless morons who pretend they are the speakers for a nation. Maybe Mark Potok would have the self appointed cows of the View for the new Nazi like purveyors of lies where they can spout anti Catholic remarks on national TV and in the same breath say how holy they are because they are Christians and Baptists at that.  Where Dianne Sawyer of ABC News can boldy say on her nightly news that a segment of Americans that make up 13.1% of the population is somehow under represented by only having them represented in 19% of commercials, while not even mentioning the Hispanic segment which is rapidly overtaking the top segment.

Before Mark Potok and others open their mouths again, they should be reminded that this is a Republic, a nation of individuals, not cookie cutter progressives, or whatever the flavor of the month is, as they would like us all to be.  Each individual is granted by a higher authority free will to think and act as they choose to and many do so daily.  Who is actually representing liberty and freedom in this country?