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Kareem seems to get the picture that a crime was committed, just not who the culprits are.  TMZ and the rest of the news media who played this private conversation are also guilty as they all knew this was private, but freely chose to play it anyway.  All deserve jail time, including the harlot.


Also who gave Kareem the right to use a racially divisive word as Sambo?  Why is it the ones who are always crying racism are the ones guilty of most infractions?  Where is it written that just because someone uses racial terms, its ok for them to use also?  Why is it ok for Dianne Sawyers of ABC Nightly News to outright say discrimination exists for 12.3% segment of the US population because they are only in 19% of commercials?  Where the same segment represents 75% of the NBA with outrageous salaries and equally outrageous lifestyles? That isn’t bringing people together.  The majority of Americans are not guilty and never have been guilty of racism and that includes their forefathers.  Can the same be said of their forefathers who helped enslave and sell their own ancestors?  Where is the cry against those offspring’s?  What we have been guilty of though, is allowing people to besmirch us all by trying to shame us for theirs’ and others’ sins.


Yes, I have no use for people like Donald Sterling (born, Donald Tokowitz) who like Kareem (born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr.) changed his name because it didn’t suit him.  The same for V. Stiviano (born Maria Vanessa Perez.)


Moral outrage?  Last time I checked it’s not immoral to be a racist, or say racist comments.  What is immoral is to commit adultery, or bear false witness against one’s neighbor, unless of course we are having the new state religion of progressivism shoved down our throat.  What is illegal and should trump everything else in this issue is that specific laws were broken and the executive branch of the state government of California is following the lead of our national Liar-in-chief and not enforcing laws leaving “Mob Mentality” rue the day.


Democracy is having “Mob Mentality” rue the day, while a Republic protects the rights of all individuals.  Exactly the reason why Justice is blind and why so many Supreme Court decisions have previously been controversial and disliked by the populace.   The transformation of America is happening before our very eyes.  The hope and change is actually the death knell of our once proud nation, where the government will provide us with everything from cradle to the grave and you won’t be able to protest or speak your mind.