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As far back as I can remember there have always been political differences in what one man can impose on another.  Just as one can, say, jump 2 feet in the air, another may object to it causing harm to the ethereal balance of the earth and its position in the universe – Chaos Theory.  We see it almost daily now in the global warming crowd, now called climate change to more aptly reflect the coldness of the winter that batters as nonsense any hint of warming and the new kid on the block, “Polar Vortex.”  People make things up out of fear of the unknown although we have tried and true adages passed down throughout history to make things less frightful.

Best advice I was ever given came in a group setting in one of many meetings to ease fears of the upcoming RIF (Reduction in Force) due to the new corporate fad sweeping the country; Do more with less; Think outside the box; Increase profitability.  We were told that if you do not have direct control over any issue, don’t worry about it.  We didn’t have any say if we would be laid off, let go, or whatever, so why worry about it?  Can you personally change what each person likes, dislikes?

No, I’m not saying to lay down your arms and go home dragging your tail on any issue.  What I am saying is while John Q. Public may have a set of values that suits him and is familiar with since he was raised his whole life with it and cannot fathom why anyone could possibly think any other way; Susie Q. Public was raised in a polar opposite environment making her feel the same way.  Who is in the right?  The answer is very simple.  Both!

Wars have been fought and untold, unknown millions have lost their lives throughout history for one reason and one reason only… Fear of the unknown.  Living or thinking differently than someone else is very frightening to any outside group.  Current national events in our country and other countries clearly show that the fantasy dream of Utopia cannot exist in our world yet, and clearly shows that One World government isn’t ready for prime time either.  How we live in Virginia is as different as how we live in Pennsylvania, New York, California, Oregon, etc.  It is also different than how people live in Iraq, Israel, England, etc.

The solution?  Also very simple.  Allow people to live their lives as they see fit.  They do have unalienable rights as our forefathers believed and even wrote down for generations to read and learn in simple language of what wonderful gifts we were given even if you don’t believe in God.  There is nothing to fear of something you do not believe in even though you scream out his name in time of personal emergency or rage.  We don’t need to re-educate our children, or have them spy on their families as the president’s wife has done following a Nazi’s precedent, or our bakers who refuse to bake wedding cakes for gay people.

The adage “You cannot legislate morality” is said to be false because every legislation is based in doing just that.  That is true, as today’s passage of laws show, but it doesn’t need be.  We need to get back to the basics of governing for the health, safety and general welfare of the citizenry.  Speeding laws, check; vehicle safety inspections, check; gay rights, check; ban abortion, uncheck; bestiality, check, welfare checks, uncheck, obamacare, uncheck, etc.  But then, even my list of what should be legislated is based on my values, not others.  That’s why we have elected representatives to make these hard choices.  Unfortunately, there are no two people who can agree on every issue and may be diametrically opposed even living under the same roof.  Most politicians have personal agendas and once elected they forget the other promises they made, or lied about just to get into office.

What galls me the most about these politicians, newscasters, movie and TV celebrities, athletes, etc., are they are quick to condemn people for having money and want to redistribute the money (we used to call this stealing) in America like Nancy PelNAZIosi, obama, ‘The Liar of Benghazi’ hillary, Dianne Sawyer, yet each one is worth millions.  You also have people like Sawyer make false and misleading statements to push the government sponsored propaganda like her vilifying discrimination charge against the advertisers in this country for only having blacks in 19% of commercials.  What she failed to tell us is blacks only represent 12.3% of the population.  Now where is the discrimination?

Everyone with an agenda like the president likes to use what I call the Boohoo sympathy card, the children.  Now who in their right mind wouldn’t do anything for children?  He tried it in Syria and failed, he didn’t try it in Iraq and I seriously question why?  Not that I would have approved the use of it again anyway.  He’s openly using it in the current southern border crossings which will lead up to another one of his unconstitutional edicts.  This fits perfectly in his plan of overwhelming his known enemies overtaxing their emergency systems as is shown where these children are being flown and bussed to.

If he can fly and bus these illegal aliens to other locations, then change their direction and take them back to their countries.  Expedite hearings?  Why hearings at all when you are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers crossing?   And forget about giving those countries $400 million of our taxpayer money.  We have our own children to waste money on.  I call that scenario “Tough Love Sympathy.”

In response to “The “Legislating Morality” Argument” found at: http://thecollegeconservative.com/2014/06/11/the-legislating-morality-argument/