Sorry, but all illegal aliens from this planet or any other planet need to be deported NOW!  They have all broken the laws, no exceptions.  They are to be banned for 10 years before reapplying, per existing law.  Why is it our legal immigrants can do it, but not them?  I have no sympathy for their plight or their journey here. They freely chose to do it and we can freely choose to send them back.

Children are no exceptions either.  What kind of parents willfully sends their children into this clearly dangerous trip, with some actually living here illegally as they proudly tell the news media? How many children have died making the journey?  We have just jailed a father and looking into doing the same to the mother for a child being left in a locked hot car.  Where’s the difference?  The latter are our fellow citizens.  Why aren’t these illegal alien parents not being arrested and jailed like the citizen father?  Are they special and therefore have special rights above us citizens? And why are our representatives representing illegal aliens and not the American citizen?

With the government’s logic we should allow this brutality because they had a hard life where they came from.  Not our problem, none of our concern.  Their own countries won’t repatriate them, but willfully send representatives and one even a first lady to check on them and then have the audacity to tell the news media that the living conditions in the detention centers are deplorable. This is where we should use our military to force reparations whence they came.  Fly them into their airports and drop them off just like Obama has done within our own country.

Next setup a national hotline where citizens can upload photos and other information to INS and turn all 20 million plus illegal aliens in.  If they are here legally, they will not mind being targeted. They have the documentation.  The only ones who will complain are the illegals much like the people who complain about a photo ID for voting because it prevents them from voting numerous times and helping save Greyhound and Martz bus lines every 4 years.

And let’s start fining and jailing anyone who hires these illegals.  We can arrest people for selling sex and drugs, yet do nothing for illegal aliens who steal a person’s identity to get bogus identity papers.

Finally, if the bleeding heart progreSSives want to really help these illegals then stand in line to freely donate 50% of their take home paycheck and send it to them when they get back to their own country.  They will never want to come here again.

In the final analysis, the problem isn’t the numbers crossing illegally into the country, it non-enforcement of existing laws by a president acting like a tyrannical king and guilty along with his fellow progreSSives of allowing diseased, criminal minded illegal aliens loose among our population.

Amnesty Never, no exceptions, impeach all those who refuse to enforce our laws!