Dear Lindsey Graham:

As a conservative, I have a vision of an executive branch that actually does its job of enforcing our laws and not make new ones with executive fiats or simply by refusing to enforce a law.  Of an executive branch that doesn’t lie about anything when it opens its mouth.  Of an executive branch that actually has experience and not just as a community organizer.  Of an executive branch that actually went to school where they learned the simple things like how to feed their children instead of how to dismantle a nation.

In short, Lindsey Graham, we need someone who can lead and has vision, not some parrot that scolds his own party and says they lack vision or are going to rely on career politicians that should have left office eons ago and now come forward with Alzheimer solutions to what has become a very vexing problem with every American.  Why is it the only solution to any problem is the knee jerk reaction of passing a new bill, one that never applies to you and your cronies?  Is this justification for politicians like you to exist?

You, like McCain, “Turtle Man” McConnell, and every other progreSSive in Congress need to leave and let true Americans start running this country.  ProgreSSives, it turns out, are just as bad as any communist ever was and maybe more dangerous, especially the progreSSives in sheep clothing, like yourself.  If you don’t know what the cause of the immigration problem is, maybe you need to step aside, go home to South Carolina, sip on a mint julep and watch how ordinary Americans fix the frickin’ mess you and your progressive cohorts got us into.

The solution, Lindsey Graham is very simple.  No new laws, no changes in any law.  Simply enforce the laws we already have.  You sir are a cad, a liar, and no better than that Nazi clown in the White House.  Not one additional penny should be authorized and no new laws passed.  You impeach anyone who swore an oath and then refuses to honor that oath.  That’s how simple the solution is Lindsey Graham, but like our Nazi tyrant king obama, you never learned that in school either.