Our Fascist Nazi dictator is a very evil person and along with his pet wookie, biden, “The Liar of Benghazi” hillary, holder, clapper, alexander and others they are sowing the seeds for the downfall of this once great nation. Do you ever wonder why the rest of the world laughs at us and hate us so much?

Why do we spend so much money on letting these people live like royalty and then pay them so much in salaries and golden benefits? Why aren’t any of these pariahs subject to the same laws and services that we are. Why are we spending millions for Obama to vacation in Marthas vineyard, Hawaii, or elsewhere? Why are we spending millions to cart the pet wookie to Africa for a personal vacation?

Why are we criticizing the Secret Service, military and others for partying on their own time and their own money, yet watch with fondness when “The Liar of Benghazi” hillary arrives 2 days later and takes “Her Girls” out to party and unwind all on the taxpayer’s dime? Why don’t we negotiate with terrorists for Foley, yet did exactly that for Sgt. Bergdahl and at a cost of over $998,000.00 and the release of 5 terrorists? That’s a lot of cookies and coffee!

There is either something very wrong with the voters in this country mentally, or the progreSSives have found a way to rig the vote undetected. We need to vote all incumbents out this November and send in independents who will do the people’s bidding.