Maybe I’m missing something here.  The armed security guard who was on the elevator with the President was arrested but never convicted of several assaults and battery, and somehow he has to pay for his “violent” behavior?  Where is his right to photograph the President who came on the elevator he was already on? Smacks of the same Orwellian government as police telling citizens they have to shut off their cameras.

There are a few questions here, was he properly permitted to carry the gun?  If so, why didn’t the Secret Service properly frisk him when they took him to be questioned, or simply ask (ask is the operative word here.)  Why was he fired?  Sorry, but I just don’t get it.

We have a guy who jumps the fence at the White House and everyone just stands there watching him and does nothing.  Yet they said he had a weapon, a pocket knife and ammunition in his vehicle (but no weapons.)  Was he supposed to use a sling shot and pelt someone with the ammo?  He didn’t have a sling shot either.  Where does the culpability of the trespasser end and become the lack of responsiveness of the Secret Service?  Personally, why didn’t someone shoot him in the legs?  He would’ve been dropped to the ground, end of story.

I ask you, can this government not go into anyone’s house and find, say a harmless butcher knife and broadcast it as finding a 12 inch knife and somehow construe it to make up a story that somehow it was to be used in a crime?  Or a ball peen hammer and say the intent was to strike someone with it?  Since when does having ammunition with no guns being a threat?  Sure he could use his pocket knife to get the gunpowder and make a bomb, but I think in his state of mind, he wouldn’t know what to do nor did he have any plumbing supplies, or at least they didn’t say they found any in his vehicle.

A pocket knife to me is not a reason to be concerned as neither is a nail file on a pair of clippers to prevent you from getting on an airliner, while travelers from Africa get the green light all day long without a mandatory quarantine.  Even the original astronauts had to go into quarantine when they came back from space.  We never had Ebola in this country, until Obama.  Sorry, can’t pin the blame on Bush for this one.  Is it any wonder why we have an Enterovirus 68 epidemic now in this country?  Doctors and news media flocking all around it with no isolation requirements?

Watching the news media reports, I failed to see any isolation, or measures being taken to stop the spread.  Yet if you bleed, masks and gloves come flying out.  How does the CDC think viruses spread?  Do they, the viruses, have to apply for a visa before crossing the borders instead of being spread by unprotected health professionals or nosy news media?  Those of us who have, or had kids know that any school, daycare, etc., is a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and viruses.  Yet we have health care professionals and others just willy nilly spreading epidemics all over the place.

We are falling into the fascist progreSSive trap of believing everything the government is telling us.  Sorry to also say, but much like Frein (In the Poconos of NEPA), all we presently have is what the state police are saying and nothing from the suspect.  How is he guilty before being found so by his peers, or are we throwing the constitution out with the bath water again?  Not condoning what happened there, but certainly not passing judgment either.

Maybe it’s the conspiracist in me, but if we say we cannot trust anything the government comes out and tells us, why are we so willing  to trust them concerning police, medical and other issues?

A liar lies, that’s what they do.  It’s when you ask questions you find out the story constantly changes and what has been said all along was a lie.