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What really got me were the two guys who with no protective clothing or masks went out and power washed with just water the vomit area in Texas that sat there for days open for any animal, bird, or insect to get into. Guess the government never heard of infections crossing the animal to human line and vice versa.

The very next day they sent out guys in full hazmat gear, except head gear, just to put a tarp over the car. Don’t know about anybody else, but it didn’t leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Don’t worry they say, unless they have symptoms, they can’t infect you. Well, that is everyone except Dr. Oz. He says it’s not airborne, yet. It has mutated 50 times so far and does so from human to human. The estimate has gone up by 200.000 from 1.2 to 1.4 million dead by the end of January. But don’t worry.

Where do they think these numbers are going to come from? America, right now, is nothing but a Petri dish for the mad scientist-in-charge who once again promised us that Ebolee would never make it to our shores. So he imported it 3 times so far. Hi! I’m from the federal government and we’re here to help you.

Just hope people remember all these lies and deceptions he has spewed like putting people in charge of a once proud agency as the CDC in the hands of someone who has clearly shown he is not up to any challenge from day 1. If he can’t contain something as simple as infectious diseases that he’s in charge of and keep them under lock and key, how the heck is he going to contain an outbreak of a deadly disease? He has taken a well known agency and created a new Center for Deception and Confusion.

If there is still any further doubt they don’t know what they are doing, just look at the file footage of every Enterovirus D68 news segment. This is a virus and I have failed to see one glove, mask or any other kind of isolation practice, by either the health staff, or news media. But if you have a cold, or flu you have to put a mask on at the doctor’s office and the ER.

Quarantine travelers like they use to do on Ellis Island for 21 days, or like they did as recently as the 60’s for returning astronauts. Not very hard to do. In fact re-open Ellis Island and Alcatraz Island and possible use Gitmo. There is a lot that can be done besides just hoping it will go away, or handing out a piece of paper for travelers to take their own temperatures, like the paper they handed out to illegal aliens for free travel within the country and to showing up for a hearing that most haven’t done. Paper it seems, solves all of obama’s problems, that and trust the people (the human factor) will do what the government tells them to do. Enough of this hope and change strategy already, else this situation will get away from us just like AIDs as Tom Frieden said, or as Enterovirus D68 has already done.