Tom S:

Obamacare or not, America has the world’s most expensive healthcare system in the world. When private companies charge up to $1200 or more a month for a high deductible insurance plan, you know the system is truly broken and unaffordable for a great many people. When pharmaceutical drugs cost five times as much as anywhere else, you know Americans are being scammed. When lawyers make a business out of looking for reasons to file medical malpractice suits and drive up costs, the system is flawed. Why does health insurance cost many times more than car insurance even though the odds of getting into a an expensive car accident are much higher than requiring long term health care.

My Response:

Disagree on a couple of points. If the government is involved in Medicaid and Medicare, they certainly should be able to dictate pricing to health care providers since they have the largest pool of people that services are being provided to.  Don’t the insurance companies do exactly the same thing?  That is other part of the free market, getting a product or service at fair pricing or taking all your business elsewhere.

These so called health care providers also stand around with their hands out for the government business when looking for tax breaks, research grants, etc. while still paying hospital administrators, directors and executives million plus salaries.  I don’t know about you, but no one, and I mean no one is worth a $MILLION a year in salary and benefits.  Wonder how many $180,000 steak dinners are being bought?  Besides, aren’t these providers, mostly hospital, supposed to be non-profit?

If any health care provider doesn’t want to participate, that’s their right, but they have to be licensed, don’t they?  Wonder how many providers would be willing to actually go it alone in a free market?  No tax breaks, no grants, no ratings, no nothing.

The government may be this big mean machine that currently is overrun with progreSSives and their “Master Race” ideology driven by the stupidity of the majority of the voters, but it is still all of us, the people.  If the government saves money, don’t we all save?  I know I know the current government saving money is an oxymoron.

Now from the above one may surmise this is written in favor of everything this government is doing.  Not true.  We are on the wrong path for sure, from our foreign policy to political correctness run amuck.

I don’t care for the obamacare tax on my health care plan either.  My plan was cancelled because as a 61 year old man I didn’t have Pap smear, Mammogram, or Pregnancy coverage.  Something, I, the insurance company, and obama all knew I never needed or would ever need in my lifetime.  Yet the program, setup not by Congress, but by an egomaniacal tyrant who wants to be king blames the insurance companies for the higher rates from what he lied about previously.  As others have discussed, a classic Alinsky move.  Divert attention, Look Squirrel!